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Downloading a root certificate (Windows)

Accessing the ITC Web site automatically downloads a root certificate to your PC.

Root certificate download procedure

  1. Click the icon <Network settings> on the bottom right of your desk top.

  2. After the network name table is displayed, click [Hidden network] then click [Connect].

  3. In [Network name], enter “keiomobile2x” and click [Next].

  4. In [Security Key], enter “welcome!”, then click [Next].

  5. Finally, click [No].

  6. Start your Web browser※, enter “https://wifi.keio.jp/” in the address bar, then access the ITC’s web page.
    ※ Using Firefox, the certificate does not download automatically, so access using either Internet Explorer, Edge, or Chrome.

    When the web page has opened, the root certificate downloading completes. So close the page without taking any other action.

  7. During this setting procedure, the PCs can access only the ITC’s web site; they can still not access any outside web sites.

    After completing the above tasks, return to the 、keiomobile2 connection settings and continue settings.

Last-Modified: April 4, 2017

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