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Information outlet connection with authentication function service

System operation information

Details about the information outlets with authentication function (open information outlets)

Information outlets with authentication function permit individual users to use their own PCs etc. directly connected to the campus network.

The following is a detailed description of the information outlets with authentication function at the Shinanomachi Campus.

  • Authorized users
    The information outlets with authentication function are intended mainly for undergraduate students, but it can be used by anyone registered for use with the Keio Single Sign-on system (keio.jp) (excluding faculty members).
    To guarantee security, each time you start to use it, you will authenticate with your Keio ID (login name, password) of the Keio Single Sign-on system (keio.jp).
    The network connection can be used until you close the window that you used for authentication or pull out the LAN cable from the information outlet.
    Only the authenticated person can use the service.
  • Necessities (prepared individually)
    • Personal device such as PC etc to be connected
      People who are students of the School of Medicine (2nd and later years), students of the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care (3rd and later years) and graduate students conducting medical research can borrow laptop PCs from the Shinanomachi ITC for free.
    • Software such as a LAN card or driver used to connect the PC to the network
    • UTP cable (straight)
    • Keio ID (used for authentication by the System (web page) when using the information outlets with authentication function)

  • Available network services
    There are limits on the network services you can use.
    At this time, you can use the following services.
    サービス 備考
    WWW Proxy経由(transparent proxy)
    anonymous FTP Proxy経由(Port:3128)
    FTP 藤沢地区を除く慶應義塾内のホストへ接続可能
    Passive Transfer Mode のみ(日吉ITCのWebページが開きます)
    メール送信 制限なし
    メール受信 制限なし
    Telnetによる遠隔login 藤沢地区を除く慶應義塾内のホストへ接続可能
    SSHによる遠隔login 制限なし
    SCPによるファイル転送 制限なし

  • Open hours
    The information outlets with authentication function can be used for 24 hours/day in principle, but the service may be shut down for maintenance from 8:30 to 8:45.
    And actual use depends on the hours when rooms where the information outlets with authentication function are open.
    (For open hours, please inquire with the department managing each location where an information outlet with authentication function is installed.)

Locations etc.

  • East Building, 2nd floor lecture hall, 149 seats (excluding lecturer’s desk)
  • Koyosha, 2nd floor study hall, 36 seats
  • Shinanomachi Media Center (Kitano Memorial Medical Library Building East), 1st floor reading room
    (There are signs indicating that the information outlets with authentication function are available.)
  • Building 2, 2nd floor, PBL Room

Network setting

It is set so you obtain network information such as IP addresses from the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server.

Method of use

You cannot connect to an outside network simply by connecting your PC to an information outlet with authentication function.

To connect to an outside network, you must be authenticated by Keio ID of the Keio Single Sign-on system (keio.jp).

The authentication is performed through your Web browser, so it can be done without dependency on the type of OS (Windows, MacOS, Unix compatible OS).

The authentication method using Internet Explorer is introduced below. The method is basically identical when using another browser (Netscape, Safari, Firefox. etc.)

  • Proxy setting
    When a proxy is set on a browser, please set
    as the URL that does not use a proxy.
    It is not essential to set a proxy.
  • Method of starting use (authentication)

    • Start Internet Explorer
    • Instead of the web page (start-up page), the authentication page is displayed.
    • Enter your Keio ID (keio.jp) user name and password and select [Send].
    • If authentication is successful, the following message is displayed.
    • To refer to another web page, restart Internet Explorer to display and operate its window.
  • Completion method

    • Close the window you used for authentication.
    • A few tens of seconds will pass before completion.



  • Only an authenticated person can use the information outlets with authentication function.
    Do not allow another person to use a computer connected with authentication.
    (If another person is discovered using the PC, the Shinanomachi ITC will suspend all system registrations.)
  • Please allow leeway in your schedule for using the service.
    In particular, when trouble occurs during connection, it may be necessary to conduct a detailed investigation. Thank you for your understanding.
    Because the system is operated by the small staff at the Shinanomachi ITC, according to circumstances, normal service may be unavailable.
  • Please thoroughly master the methods of using the equipment and network and obey related rules.
    It may be disrupted by malicious hackers, or you may unintentionally break a law, or cause trouble to other people.
    In principle, each user of the Internet bears personal responsibility, so use the system by confirming not only how to use the equipment and software, but also laws and regulations.
    And use the system so you avoid any ethical or moral problems.
    If you notice any trouble, immediately inform the Shinanomachi ITC.

Last-Modified: February 19, 2019

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