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Network (information outlets) construction

About Network construction

  • Information outlets and network optical fiber lines installed in various rooms on the campus are managed by the Shinanomachi KIC.
  • Newly installing (expanding), moving, or removing information outlets (including that accompanying renovation of a room) etc. is work done placing a burden on both the department supervising the work and on users.
    (The KIC does not bear the costs.)
  • When you have a plan, consult with the Shinanomachi KIC as soon as possible.
  • When a new information outlet is to be installed (expanded), it is necessary to decide the network to be used in advance.
  • If you wish to move or expand etc. a hospital information system (HIS, PACS) terminal, please inquire with the Hospital Information Systems.
  • If you wish to move or expand a corporation operation linked system (ADST) PC, make an inquiry to the Shinanomachi Campus Personnel Department System manager.
  • Submit a network construction request form (entering location and details, contact name, inside line number, etc.) to the Shinanomachi KIC.
  • After you have submitted the request form, begin the procedure necessary to obtain a written estimate.
  • In the case of renovation of the university hospital or construction of a new building, it may be a lump work covered by a separate budget (for handling, please inquire at the department supervising the construction of the building (Construction Department).

Burden of cost

  • Newly installing (expanding), moving, or removing information outlets (including that accompanying renovation) etc. is paid for by users.
  • When the work supervisor is a university faculty or the hospital, the cost may be shared by each budget (Inquire at the managing department.)
  • The approximate work cost is between about 80,000 yen to 200,000 yen when one new information wall socket is installed (differs according to location).

Work procedure

  1. Advance consultation (as necessary (counter, inside line, e-mail etc.)
  2. Submit a network work request form (to Shinanomachi KIC)
    • Designate the on-site work supervisor.
    • Designate the appropriation.
    • Specify the contents of the work (diagrams etc.).
    • Specify the network to be used (case of new installation)
  3. After the Shinanomachi KIC receives your notification, the work manager contacts the on-site work supervisor (e-mail, inside line, etc.)
  4. On-site survey by Shinanomachi KIC work supervisor (only when necessary), coordination of the construction department or facility section (case of improvement work).
  5. The KIC judges matters necessary for the work (laying conduits, wall work etc.) and informs the constructor (if conduit work is necessary, it is work handled by the facility department).
  6. On-site survey and coordination to make an estimation including the constructor (only when necessary).
  7. The Shinanomachi KIC receives a written estimate from the constructor then sends it to the requesting department (on-campus mail).
  8. The work requesting department gives notification of whether or not it will do the work (The work may be canceled at this time (costs are not incurred.))
  9. Coordination of work schedule
  10. Execution
  11. Work requesting department confirms that it is completed (if there are any defects, it informs the Shinanomachi KIC).
  12. At the same time as the work is completed, management of the work portion (information wall socket etc.) starts at the Shinanomachi KIC (can use the network after it requests a network use request form).
  13. The Shinanomachi KIC receives an invoice from the constructor and sends it along with other documents to the work requesting department or the department supervising the work (please pay work costs).
  14. Work payment procedure by the work requesting department or the work supervising department.
  15. The work requesting department or work supervising department submits a work completion confirmation document to the Shinanomachi KIC (only if the constructor requires it).
  16. The work completion confirmation document is summed up and returned to the constructor by the Shinanomachi KIC (only if the constructor requires it).

Application Form


  • About a Network use request
  • About use of the research activity (research organization) network
    • When a network is used by a laboratory etc. for research activities, a network (sub-net) is built for each affiliated organization, and these networks are connected to the campus network.
    • To connect a computer etc., consult with the organization’s network manager.
    • The Shinanomachi KIC built the [Shinanomachi Campus Research Common Use Network] to offer a network connection service in order that in a case where an affiliated organization has not built a sub-net, researchers (instructors) affiliated with the said organization will be able to form a minimal connection to the Internet.
    • To build a new sub-network for research activities, the Shinanomachi KIC obtains a network address and domain and coordinates the connection with the campus network.
    • Please understand that the campus network cannot be used for academic association administration.

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