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A laptop computer checkout

The Shinanomachi KIC has note PCs available for checkout for research or educational use to students registered at the Shinanomachi Campus.


Persons who can borrow a laptop PC

  • Students of the School of Medicine (2nd year and later) registered on the Shinanomachi Campus
  • Students of the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care (3rd year and later) registered on the Shinanomachi Campus
  • Graduate students in medical research (credited auditors etc) registered on the Shinanomachi Campus
  • Health Management (excluding credited auditors, etc.)
  • Faculty members, research students and others not registered as undergraduate or graduate students may not rent laptop PCs.

Machines rented

Note PC type (DELL Latitude 3440)

  • PC and power source (AC adapter and power cord)
  • Carrying bag
  • USB mouse
  • Wired LAN connection service
    ※Web Camera installed inside
    ※Wireless LAN adapter installed inside
    ※ FD drive and Optical drive not included

Rental period

  • Rental period is a maximum of 2 week (14 nights and 15 days)
  • When the return date is a holiday, return it on the next day the Shinanomachi KIC counter is open.

Rental and return

  • Rent and return at the Shinanomachi KIC counter.
  • Only the renter may rent and return a rental PC.
    (A representative will not be served.)
  • For security reasons, you will need to set your own password when you rent a PC.
    If you may not set the password at the time, we will not be able to lend a PC for any reason.
  • To rent or to return a rental PC, you must show your student card.
  • A rental cannot be reserved.
  • When you rent or return a laptop PC, all rented objects will be checked for abnormalities, so you are requested to witness this check.
  • If the staff member in charge of rentals is not at the Shinanomachi KIC counter, the laptop PC cannot be rented or returned, so please wait until this staff member comes back to rent or return the PC.


  • Limited to one set of PC and accessories per person.
  • A laptop PC cannot be borrowed longer than the checkout period.
  • If you wish to continue to borrow a PC after the end of the checkout period, please repeat the rental procedure after returning the PC.
    (In this case, a different machine will be rented.)
  • Before returning, restore the software and hardware to its condition when you checkout it.

Machine details

Note PC type

  • Hardware
    • PC (Toshiba dynabook R73/BN)
      • Intel(R) Core i5-1345U CPU
      • 16GB memory
      • 256GB solid state(SSD)
      • 14inch(FHD 1,920×1,080) display
      • 1000Base-T/100Base-TX/10Base-T LAN adapter inside
      • Internal wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11ax is standard)
      • Internal batteries
    • External power source (AC adapter and power cord)

Software installed

Category Software name
OS Windows 11 Education 64bit 23H2
Office Suite Microsoft 365 Apps
Anti-virus software ESET Endpoint Antivirus 11.0
Calculation and Formula manipulation Wolfram Mathematica 14.0
JMP Pro 17.2
Statistical Analysis IBM SPSS Statistics 29
R 4.3.3
Internet Browser Microsoft Egde
Google Chrome
PDF Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
SCP/FTP client WinSCP 6.3.3
Compression and decompression 7-Zip 23.01
Multimedia playback Windows Media Player
VLC Media Player
Java runtime environment OracleJDK 17.0.6
authentification software WinAuth 3.5.1
Web Conference System Zoom

Basic method of use

The following is an outline of the basic method of using the laptop computer.。

For methods of using application software, refer to the on-line manual (Help function) in the laptop computer or to paper manuals available on the market.

  • Use of network connection services with authentication function (open information wall socket)
    • You can use wired connections to the network (network connection service with authentication function) at specified locations on the Campus. Check here for details.
  • Method of using the wireless LAN connection service with authentication function on the Shinanomachi Campus.
    • You can use wireless LAN connection service with authentication function at specified locations on the campus. In your rental PC, connection settings are already made, so you can use it immediately if you are at a wireless LAN location.
      Check here for detailed information about places you can use it.
  • Shinanomachi Campus Printing Service usage method
    • If you can connect your rental laptop PC to the Internet, you can perform printing using the Shinanomachi Campus Printing Service.
      For detailed methods of use, check the manual which is on the desktop in your rental PC.

Please inquire at the Shinanomachi KIC Help Desk if you have any questions.


  • Please return it on time.
  • If you are more than one week late returning it, the Shinanomachi KIC may decide to stop your use of all systems operated by the Shinanomachi KIC.
  • Only the borrower may use the PC.(Lending it to another person is prohibited.)
  • Do not contravene any law.
  • If you damage or lose the machine you have borrowed, immediately inform the Shinanomachi KIC.
  • If you damage or lose it, immediately either replace the damaged or lost part or the entire PC. If the PC is no longer manufactured, replace it with a later version.
  • Do not illegally copy any of the software or data which is installed in the laptop computer.
  • When you return the laptop computer, all data on its hard disk will be deleted. Be sure to backup all files and other data you will need.
  • The Shinanomachi KIC bears no liability if any hardware trouble etc. erases your data.
  • The software installed in the laptop computer is handled with great care, but the KIC bears no liability for the destruction of personal data including that in external media by a computer virus infection or other unpredicted situation.
  • Please carry it in its special case (bag).
  • Pay careful attention to the surrounding environment to avoid leaving it in a hot or wet place.
  • Do not use it while eating or drinking.
  • Handle the checkout PC very carefully.
  • The Shinanomachi KIC will assess damage etc.
    • Case where there are scratches or dirt that clearly are a problem effecting use of the machine.
    • Case where a part of the machine is missing or cracked.
    • Case where it does not function normally.
    • Anything which can be judged to be a result of deterioration caused by normal use will not be assessed as damage.


  • Help Desk
    If you have any technical questions or questions about the use of the laptop computer, please inquire at the Shinanomachi KIC Help Desk.

Last-Modified: May 2, 2024

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