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User Guide

Pleasesee here for special notes that apply to students, faculty, and staff, respectively.

  • Please be sure to review these if you are a new medical resident or a member of nursing or technical staff.
  • Please be sure to review these if you are a second-year student in the School of Medicine or new student in the Graduate School of Medicine (master’s or doctoral programs), a third-year student in the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care, a new student in the Graduate School of Health Management (master’s or doctoral programs), or a fifth-year student in the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Please refer to the instructions below for more information.


Software Licenses

A range of software is available for educational, research, and business purposes. Conditions vary by program. Please see here for more information.

Network Support Provided by ITC

  • Construction and operation of on-campus networks
  • Support for the construction and operation of classroom and laboratory subnetworks on Shinanomachi Campus
  • Construction and operation of Research Use Common Network(RCN) for researchers belonging to organizations that have not constructed a subnetwork as listed above
  • Improvement and expansion of campus WiFi

Reception and Help Desk

  • Please contact the Help Desk for any issues regarding computers or networks. Please see here for Help Desk location and hours.
  • Equipment for the disposal of information storage media, such as media shredders, are available at ITC reception.

Please see here for other IT support services related to research and education.

Computer and Network Usage

Connecting to WiFi (keiomobile2)

Please see here for how to connect to WiFi using your computer or smartphone. (A Keio ID is required)


keio.jp is the name for an authentication system to log on to online services operated by Keio University with a single Keio ID and password.

  • Please refer to the table below and see here if you need an activation key in order to obtain a Keio ID.
    Enrollment Status Keio ID Available Past Keio ID User
    Previously enrolled with the same status* Yes Available
    Previously enrolled with a different status* Either Yes or No Not Available (Activation required)
    Newly Enrolled This Year No Ineligible (Activation required)
    "Same status" means your status has remained unchanged as a student, faculty member, or member of administrative staff. "Different status" means that your status has changed between one of these three statuses.

  • Some services on keio.jp may not be available until the activation process is complete. This applies to Box in particular, so please wait for your account to be activated and do not create a free account.
  • Please contact the Help Desk if you have forgotten your Keio ID or password.

ITC Accounts and The ITC System

After obtaining an ITC accountyou will be able to use a variety of services provided by ITC.
  ◦ Using Computer Rooms
  ◦ Using Printers (Integrated Printing System)

  • Please refer to the table below and visit ITC reception if you need to create a new account.
    Status Usage Restrictions Creating a New Account
    Faculty and Staff Members You will not be able to use any accounts you may have had as a student. Please bring an ID card issued by Shinanomachi Office of Human Resources Management
    or proof of identification
    Students Your account will be valid if you are enrolled as a student through March Please bring your student ID card

  • You will be able to use the ITC systems at other campuses outside Shinanomachi (additional registration and other fees may apply)
  • Please contact the Help Desk if you have forgotten your account reference or password.

Important Notes and Precautions

Use of Software and Copyright

Before using any software, please see here for information about proper software usage and illegal file sharing.

System Registration and Network Connectivity

  • Please submit applications as early as possible.
  • It can take time to give users network access as it may be necessary to conduct detailed inspections and install equipment.
  • In case of emergency or other situations, we may not be able to provide our services as usual.

Network and System Usage at Night and During Holidays

  • The Help Desk is unattended after hours and on holidays.
  • In principle, any issues that occur during these periods will be attended to the following business day.
  • You can also refer to the FAQpage for more information.


  • Networks may differ by classroom (or office) at each organization.
  • Please ask a faculty member or administrator about network usage within your department.
  • Please familiarize yourself with how to use ITC networks and devices and be sure to follow all related rules.
    • Failure to comply may result in you violating the law without realizing it and may make you a target for hackers and malware. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please contact Shinanomachi ITC as soon as possible.
    • Please refrain from illegal activities such as unauthorized use of software or illegal downloading and sharing of copyrighted works.
    • Please refer to our website for detailed information on getting started as well as system and network status information (outages, etc.).
  • Please see here for special notes that apply to students, faculty, and staff, respectively.

Last-Modified: June 9, 2022

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