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Using the media shredder and hard disk crusher


  • The media shredder and hard disk crusher are installed and operated at the Shinanomachi ITC as requested by the Personal Information Protection Management Section in order to thoroughly discard media on which personal information is recorded by a method stipulated in article 31 of the Keio University Personal Information Projection Regulation in order to protect personal information by preventing the leakage or loss of personal information that is no longer needed.


  • Place of use
  • Authorized users
    • Faculty members, staff and students of Keio University
  • Media and hard disks that can be accepted
    • Media or hard disks recording personal information
    • This equipment can be used only to dispose of media or hard disks which are the property of Keio University or on which faculty members or students of Keio University have recorded information related to Keio University.
  • Use procedures
    • This equipment can be used after filling in the [Recording Media Disposal Notification] and submitting it to the Shinanomachi ITC.
    • You can either download and use the above [Recording Media Disposal Notification] from here, or obtain it at the Shinanomachi ITC.
    • Please bring your personal ID (name tag issued by the Personnel Department (with full face photo), student card, driver’s license, passport etc.) to the Shinanomachi ITC counter.
  • Other
    • Each person who submitted the notification is requested to use the machine.
    • If you wish to dispose of a large quantity of media, please contact the Shinanomachi ITC (internal line: 62753) in advance.

About the media shredder

  • Model
    • The media shredder (multi-media), RICUT MultiMedia, from Ricoh.
  • Types of media that can be processed by the media shredder
    • 3.5 inch FD
    • MO
    • ZIP
    • DDS cartridges (4mm)
    • CD
    • DVD
  • How to use the media shredder
    • Place each media to be processed, one at a time, in the insertion opening on top of the machine.
    • The media you have inserted in the media shredder is shredded.

Using the hard disk crusher

  • Model
    • Hard disk crusher HC-BREAKS-NSA2 made by Orient Computer Co., Ltd.
  • Types of hard disks that the hard disk crusher can process
    • 2.5 inch hard disk
    • 3.5 inch hard disk
  • Using the hard disk crusher
    • To use the hard disk crusher, remove the hard disk from the PC body and bring it to the ITC.
    • To process a hard disk, it is necessary to attach a separate adapter to it. The Shinanomachi ITC counter loans the adapters, so be sure to notify the Shinanomachi ITC in advance.
    • Slide up the door on the front of the crusher and push the hard disk to be disposed of deep into the machine.
    • Close the door and press the drop button to bore a hole in and physically crush the hard disk.
    • Please note that a hard disk which has been processed by the hard disk crusher cannot be used again.


  • It you wish to dispose of recorded media that cannot be processed by the above media shredder or hard disk crusher, please discuss this with the Shinanomachi ITC staff.
  • Waste processed by the media shredder or the hard disk crusher is discarded as normal waste.

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