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Using software licenses

Software that can be installed

Keio University has entered into license contracts to the following software which can be obtained at Shinanomachi ITC.keio.jp.
Please note that the users, PCs and installation request methods for each software differ.
Confirm the details of precautions for use of software licenses for each software.

Of permanent faculty members, those who work full-time in the hospital are in principle not included among users.(Some software excluded)
To make a request at the counter, personally submit a request form to the Shinanomachi ITC counter. And submit an ID card or student card to confirm your identity.
The counter cannot accept a request form sent through internal Keio mail because the applicant must be authenticated.

ソフトウェア 利用対象者 インストール申請
常勤教職員 学生 信濃町ITC受付 keio.jp
Microsoft EES 常勤教員のみ × -
Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus 常勤教員のみ -
SPSS / Amos 1ライセンス
MATLAB 常勤教員のみ -
ChemOffice -
Becky! Internet Mail 常勤教員のみ 教員のみ 学生のみ
ArcGIS -
Mathematica 教職員のみ※1 学生のみ
EndNote ○※2 -
Adobe ETLA × 教職員のみ -
iThenticate 常勤教員のみ 大学院生のみ 教員、大学院生のみ -
Adobe CLP※3 × 教職員のみ -

※1 For Mathematica, it is necessary to use different licenses for each device in which it is installed, even for permanent faculty members. For details about Mathematica, check the details page.

※2 This can also be used by full-time interns at the university hospital.

※3 Adobe CLP is software that is distributed by Shinanomachi ITC.

ESET can also be used by part-time faculty members and full-time staff of the hospital who can use keio.jp’s [Obtain software license].

Installation requests accepted at Shinanomachi ITC reception counter.

  • Requests are accepted only from the user and software user.
  • To authenticate your identity, present your ID card or student card.
  • Enter the required information on the request form before bringing it to the counter. After your request has been accepted, you will be loaned the installation media.
  • Even if you have signed the request form, please sign it or affix your seal.
  • The counter cannot accept a request form sent by internal campus mail.
  • Only the person who made the request may return the installation media, it will not be accepted from a representative.


  • After resignation or graduation from Keio University, please un-install all of these software products.

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