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Method of using a scanner

You can use a scanner (flatbed type) on some computers in the PC rooms.

Please give people who wish to use a scanner priority access to a PC connected to a scanner.

About the scanners

EPSON DS-50000

  • Model --- EPSON DS-50000 (USB connection, flat bed type)
  • Location---Library (Shinanomachi Media Center) B1F Media Room, connected to computers c03-139 and 140.
  • The use of scanners with terminals other than c03-139 and 140 is prohibited.

Precautions during use

  • Do not scan copyright protected documents, photographs, etc.

Turning on the power

EPSON DS-50000

  • After turning on the computer, make sure the scanner power is ON.。
  • After completing use of the scanner, turn the scanner power to OFF.

Obtaining scanned images

EPSON DS-50000

  1. Set the original you wish to scan on the scanner (side you wish to load facing down) and close the cover.
  2. Start the application (example: Adobe Photoshop).
    Select [WIA support] from [Load] on the [File] menu. (If an error occurs during selection, please restart the scanner.)

  3. The [WAI support] dialog box will open, so optionally change [Destination Folder] and [Option].

  4. On [Select device], select [EPSON DS-50000/60000/70000] and click [OK].

  5. Press [Scan(S)].

  6. The loaded image appears above the application. (For information about editing the loaded image, refer to [Help] for each application.)

Saving the image

  • To save the image you have loaded by scanning, be careful about where you save it.
  • Specify the place it is saved as the Z drive (your own home directory) or lower.


Please inquire at the Shinanomachi KIC Help Desk if you have any questions.

Last-Modified: May 1, 2024

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