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About fake warnings

What are fake warnings?

While you are browsing the Internet, warning screens such as the following appear.
“Your PC is infected by a virus.”
“Suspicious activity has been detected.”
“Windows Security Warning”
and you hear a warning sound, but these are all fake warnings.
The MO is to tell the recipient to call the telephone number of a fake support office displayed on the screen and to install remote operation software to remove the warnings, and to attempt to trick the recipient to enter into a support contract and pay money to remove the warnings.
Installing the remote operation software on your computer results in the theft of your personal information.

What to do when you see a fake warning

Such warning screens are all fake, so please ignore them and do not follow their instructions.
Calmly close your browser with the “x” button, turn off the browser from the task manager, then restart your PC.

What if I have responded to the warning?

If you have installed remote operation software, you should promptly uninstall it.
If you have entered your credit card information in accordance with the support contract, notify and discuss the problem with the nearest Consumer Center and your credit card company.

Last-Modified: August 17, 2017

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