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Sending Invitations to Schedule

Sending Invitations to Schedule

  1. With Calendar, you can send invitation mail to invite people to participate in Schedule.
    You can also check participants' qualifications to participate.
    Anyone with a mail address can receive an invitation from a calendar of Google Workspace(formerly G Suite) no matter whether or not the person uses a Google Workspace(formerly G Suite) calendar.

    To invite a participant, a detailed screen of Schedule is displayed.
    Enter mail addresses of participants invited to Schedule into "Guest" - "Add Guest" on the upper right of the screen, by dividing the addresses with commas (,) as shown below.

    Fig. 1 Invitations to schedule (1)

    About 500 people can now be invited to a schedule. To set more than 500 people as participants in a schedule, it is necessary to prepare a schedule for each 500 people invited.

  2. Clicking "Save" in Fig. 1 will display the following pop-up.
    Click "Send" to send invitations.

    Fig. 2 Invitations to schedule (2)

  3. They can confirm the participation status of other participants from the schedule details screen.
    Participation status is displayed in "Guest" on the schedule details screen.

    Fig. 3 Confirming participants

    It is now impossible to display a schedule with more than 100 participants.
    If you want to delete a participant from a schedule, you can click the "×" displayed beside the participant then click "Save".

  4. To add a participant, click "Add:" - "Guest", then enter the name or mail address of the participant. In the same way as in Fig. 1, you can enter the mail addresses divided by entering commas (,).

    Fig. 4 Adding a participant

  5. You can send messages to all members invited. You can inform them of messages such as contact items.
    To send mails to all members invited, click "Send Mail to Guests."

    Fig. 5 Sending mail to guests (1)

  6. The entry form to send messages to all members is displayed.
    You can set recipients with participation status as awaiting response by setting the check of "Awaiting Response" to ON, and set recipients other than those with participation status as awaiting response by setting the check of "Awaiting Response" to OFF.
    Enter the recipient and message and click "Send" to simply send mail.

    Fig. 6 Sending mail to guests (2)

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