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Losing a PC, smart phone or tablet terminal

How to prepare for its loss?

  • Setting a password or touch ID

∗ A password or pattern should be one that is not easily predicted.

  • Introduce a loss and theft protection App.

∗ Every carrier or terminal has a different operating method, so refer to the web site of each company to use yours.

  • Do not let your browser remember your ID or password.

What to do when you have lost it?

  • Turn off the mobile wallet function.
  • Change the keio.jp or other password.
  • Change the ID and password of your mail or SNS.
  • Change the Wi-Fi connection password.
  • Apply the remote lock.
  • Execute your carrier’s lost device service (screen lock, line stop, service function stop).

∗ If you know where you lost it;

Notify the store, station etc.
Notify the police or the police box with jurisdiction over that place.
Be sure to take the above measures.

More advanced security measures

  • Use a BIOS password.
  • Apply a password on a hard disk.

∗ A BIOS or hard disk password may not be provided or its functions will differ according to your PC, so please check these on the manual for your PC or its maker's web site.

Lost terminal response manuals

Last-Modified: April 18, 2023

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