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E-mail service for School of Medicine (@med.keio.ac.jp)

The School offers its own e-mail service (@med mail) since April 2012.
The service gives users a communication tool among faculty, staff and affiliates.
Besides it can serve as an secondary(*) e-mail address in emergency situations.

Primary email addresses for faculty and staff are keio.jp and adst-mail respectively.

Shinanomachi ITC is put in charge of office work and help desk.

Available To

  1. Most Professors, Associate Professors, and Assistant Professor of School of Medicine

    @med mail address will be created / renewed at the expense of the School without application procedure.
    If you are transferred to other than those above, you will need to go through the procedure mentioned below(2.) at the beginning of the next fiscal year.

  2. Other Faculty and Staff

    When you wish to use, it is necessary to apply by oneself.
    The fee of 1 account is 5250 yen (every fiscal year).
    Please check the following registration procedure.(In preparation)

Rules of Use (draft)

  • Choose a good password and change your password frequently.
  • Be in compliance with Laws and protect private information when using the system.
  • Once you decide your username, you cannot change it.

Violations of the rule can subject the offender to disciplinary proceedings of the School.

Getting Started

How do I forward mail to another account?

How do I configure email client for @med mail?

It is under preparation. Please wait for a while.

Getting Help (Help desk)

Most of correspondence is done via e-mail.
Send the message to the Shinanomachi ITC @med help desk :

Make sure to include your name, affiliation, ID number in your message.

Service hours: Weekdays 9:15-17:00
Messages received after 16:30 on weekdays will be processed after 9:00 on the next day.
Inquiries made on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will receive a response after 9:00 on the next weekday.

Last-Modified: September 1, 2022

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