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wireless LAN/WiFi Service (keiomobile2)


Process to set up keiomoble2

  1. Using keio ID issue or Using ITC account issue
    Before go to step 2, make sure that your Wi-Fi password is issued.

  2. Set up keiomobile2

Revising wireless LAN connection settings


  • It is not necessary to renew the wireless LAN setting annually, however your ITC account or Keio ID has to be active.

  • Keep your operating system and firmware up-to-date via Windows Update or the update service that applies to your device.

  • Your password can be used on other computers or devices for setting keiomobile2.

  • Use the latest version of drivers for your wireless network adapter.
    Otherwise you may have some troubles to connect to keiomobile2 even if < keiomobile2x > or < keiomobile2 > appear on your screen.

  • If the device on which you set up keiomobile2 by password authentication method is lost or stolen, change or stop your Wi-Fi password immediately.
    If you fail to change or stop your Wi-Fi password, the lost or stolen device might be used for unauthorized access to the network.
    After changing or stopping your Wi-Fi password, the device can no longer connect to the network through keiomobile2.

    Wi-Fi password change / use stop procedure (keio ID issue)

    Wi-Fi password change procedure (ITC Accout issue)

Last-Modified: April 8, 2023

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