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Warning: About the Phishing mail (Jan. 31)

We have found some emails(phishing mails) trying to collect people's authentication information.

From: Keio <Support-Admin@keio.ac.jp>
日付: Mon, 30 Jan 2017 03:39:25 +0100
件名: Keio WebMailをアップグレードする / Upgrade Your keio WebMail

あなたのメールアカウントをアップグレードする必要があります 下記のリンクをクリックし、Eメールアドレスとパスワードでログインしてアップグレードしてください
ありがとうございました 京王サポート2017
Welcome to Keio
Your Email Account must be Upgraded Click the link below and log in with your E-Mail Address and password for upgrading
Click Here
Failure to do so after reading this message, your account will be CLOSSED and all your messages and information will be lost.
Thank you
Keio Support 2017

To these kind of emails, please make sure that you should not reply to it, or should not access to the mentioned URL. A third party might be trying to collect your authentication information. Once they got it, there are possibilities of your E-mail addresses to be misused or your private information to be leaked. Furthermore you might find your self involved in a crime.

To prevent things to happen, please be aware.

Last-Modified: January 31, 2017

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