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Continuous Use Application of ITC Account for Academic Year 2020 (July 31 Update)

Targeted Persons

Correspondence course students (please bring your student ID for academic year 2020)
Special students, Researchers, etc (who paid the account fee via stamps or money transfer from research funding)

About application

As a special measure, we had extended the duration of the account's continued use, but the extension ended on July 31.
(Your account will be deactivated, but your data will be retained for the time being)
For the time being, we will not be accepting account requests including continuation and reopening applications.
* If you are a correspondence course student and have special needs, please contact the the Correspondence Courses Office by email.
* If you are a special student and have special needs, please the ITC office on your campus first by email.

Last-Modified: August 3, 2020

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