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WARNING: About the Phishing mail (April 5)

Since about 11:00am on 04/05/2022, we have found some emails(phishing mails) trying to collect people's authentication information.
The sender and destination may vary, such as to the ***.keio.ac.jp domain.

Subject:  通知 keio.jp <noreply@******.com>
From: help@keio.jp ウェブメールサービス

=========== keio.jp ウェブメールサービス=========== 2:20:12 AM
あなたのメールボックスは99%ですすべての受信メッセージは送信者に返されます メールボックスを更新するには、以下のリンクをクリックしてください
=========================================================== Copyright©2022 help@keio.jp Corporation。すべての著作権 予約済み。

To these kind of emails, please make sure that you should not reply to it, or should not access to the mentioned URL. A third party might be trying to collect your authentication information. Once they got it, there are possibilities of your E-mail addresses to be misused or your private information to be leaked. Furthermore you might find your self involved in a crime.

To prevent things to happen, please be aware.

Last-Modified: April 5, 2022

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