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Suspicious e-mails claiming to be from a real person or a real company affiliated with Keio(2/10)

Starting a few days ago, we have confirmed several suspicious emails sent to Keio Mail and other internal email addresses that use the name of a real person or company within Keio as the sender.

In many cases, the mail will contain a message in Japanese or English asking the recipient to open a password-protected zip file or other attachment. Additionally, these mails either contain an encrypted zip file or Microsoft Office extension (xlsx, etc.) attached to the email. In some cases, the impersonated individual's email signature is also included, so extra caution is necessary.

These e-mails are likely to be malicious e-mails containing the malware Emotet, so please do not open the attached files and discard them if you receive them.

If you have unzipped the attachment and opened the file, please contact ITC or CSIRT (csirt-core@adst.keio.ac.jp) immediately.

Last-Modified: February 10, 2022

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