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[RESOLVED] Regarding external network connectivity issue

(2022/03/22 18:15 update)

The problem have been resolved.

Thank you for your cooperation.

(2022/03/22 16:15 update)

We received the following service restoration notification from our upstream backbone provider.

Impacted site: SINET6 upstream ISP connection
Start time: 2022/03/22(Tue) approx. 14:50
Recovery time: 2022/03/22(Tue) approx. 15:37
Problem: External communication is not available.
Impact scope: Organizations connected to SINET6

(2022/03/22 3:35pm update)

We have switched providers to use an alternate network route. There may be some cases in which sites are still unavailable, but the majority of traffic has recovered.
Please note, there is a possibility of future network interruptions and instability.

(2021/03/22 3:30pm update)

Starting around 3:10p.m., external connections from within Keio University campus may have been unavailable due to a problem with an upstream network provider.
We are currently investigating and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Last-Modified: March 22, 2022

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