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Change of Zoom Operation

(Last updated on September 1, 2022)

There are some changes to the Zoom operation.
For details, please see "(Re) Changes in Zoom Operation (Sep. 1)".

The following changes will be made to the operation of Zoom, which Keio University subscribes to.

Change of Zoom user eligibility

Date of change: Monday, May 9, 2022, 10:30a.m. -
Description: Change in who is eligible to use Zoom
(Before) Full-time faculty members and part-time faculty members with classes
(After) All faculty and staff with a valid keio.jp account
  • Licensing for students is still under consideration (not included in this change of eligibility). Please be careful when setting the scope of authentication and publication of recorded content when holding meetings.
  • General terms and conditions of use remain unchanged.
  • The operation of optional applications (Large-scale 500, Large-scale 1000, Webinar 1000) remains unchanged, and advance application is required each fiscal year. Due to limited numbers, we may not necessarily be able to accommodate all requests.
  • The current "Application for Zoom" form for part-time faculty, temporary staff, dispatched/contracted staff, and hospital staff will no longer be required (a valid keio.jp account is required).
  • When you register as a Keio tenant, if you have a free version of a Zoom account registered with an email address with the @keio.jp domain, you will receive an email(*) inviting you to become a Keio tenant. Please follow the instructions in the email to join Keio Tenant.
  • Due to the number of contracted licenses, there is a possibility that the system will be made available on an application basis in the future. We will make a decision accordingly after reviewing the operational status.
  • A license is required to host a meeting, but a license is not normally required to participate in a meeting hosted by someone else. You are not necessarily required to participate in Keio Tenant.
Required operations:
  • If you have already joined and are using Keio Tenant, you do not need to take any special action.
    Please log in from the Keio Tenant's Zoom login page (https://keio-univ.zoom.us/).
    • Those who are currently eligible to use the service (full-time faculty members and part-time faculty members who have lectures available)
    • Those who have already applied for and are using Zoom in FY2022.
  • For those who are newly eligible to use the service this time, operations may be required depending on the situation.
    • If you receive an invitation e-mail, please follow the invitation e-mail and approve the request.
    • If you do not receive an invitation email, no special action is required.
      Please log in from the Keio Tenant's Zoom login page (https://keio-univ.zoom.us/).
    • If you do not receive an invitation email but still cannot log in from the Keio Tenant's Zoom login screen, please check to see if the email has been quarantined in your spam folder or something similar. Please refer to the "Notes" section here, and contact ITC.
  • Due to contractual reasons, some administrative staff (contracted, temporary, temporary staff, etc.) who wish to use Zoom had to submit an application: Application Form for Zoom Use.
  • Zoom contracted by Keio University is limited to use for educational and research purposes at Keio University. It cannot be used for classes or commercial purposes at other universities.
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(*) Example of Zoom invitation email

[Japanese exsample]

From: Zoom <no-reply@zoom.us>
Date: 2022年5月9日(月) 8:53
Subject: Zoomのアカウント招待
To: zoom-testx@keio.jp

<http://zoom.us> 慶應 太郎 さん、こんにちは。 Keio Zoom Admin (zoom-noreply@keio.jp)が、お客様をZoomアカウント(Keio University)に追加するリクエストを行いました。 同意する場合は、以下のボタンを30日以内にクリックしてください。 リクエストの承認 <https://keio-univ.zoom.us/invite_confirming?code=wYHjJylWusej_KdpkjWS29XUuBl9XwT7Wedcgs3KWY****AAAFyAP__iAAnjQAQc2F0b2*********************X3pVTjRSR21jN3lLRnBNOURzd2UWRUVPektIZktRVGlW***************************UZ1TnhMdkt6QQAAAAAAAAAA&fr=hostinvite>
うまく機能しない場合は、リンクをブラウザのアドレスバーにコピーして貼り付けてやり直してください。 https://keio-univ.zoom.us/invite_confirming?code=wYHjJylWusej_KdpkjWS29XUuBl9XwT7Wedcgs3KWY****AAAFyAP__iAAnjQAQc2F0b2*********************X3pVTjRSR21jN3lLRnBNOURzd2UWRUVPektIZktRVGlW***************************UZ1TnhMdkt6QQAAAAAAAAAA&fr=hostinvite>
Zoomをご利用いただき、ありがとうございます。 - Zoomチーム <https://twitter.com/zoom_us> <https://www.linkedin.com/company/zoom-video-communications-inc-> <http://blog.zoom.us/>

[English exsample]

Subject:  Zoom account invitation
Date:     Mon, 09 May 2022 00:06:17 +0000 (UTC)
From:     Zoom <no-reply@zoom.us>
To:       zoom-testx@keio.jp

Activate Account <https://zoom.us> Hello Taro Keio, Keio Zoom Admin (zoom-noreply@keio.jp) has requested to add you into their Zoom account (Keio University). If you agree, please click the button below to approve. Approve the Request <https://keio-univ.zoom.us/invite_confirming?code=dIiVtiLMT4f****B0Ay6tXD-Lsh7U_MHFoXnjE1xGCPkBZU.AG.1j_8XbB7ydvFTZPRUQGlhYp2Ea-CrTUJ8pIpmh_gWM5-XbolN*******************************hG4SORskGY0Epa812yehIsRJz3opV3ZNzF-G90qmtCezpudW4sNiD5OT5ozk4fT6dw-E6ztukVmZPrqA1cYuemzahehwAOzKCLyqe68lPpYu6w.8D0J2jSNvjE1D4RaEOMyUQ.6auyQGprZhPh848Q&fr=hostinvite>
If the above button does not work for you. Copy and paste the link to your browser address bar and try again. <https://keio-univ.zoom.us/invite_confirming?code=dIiVtiLMT4f****B0Ay6tXD-Lsh7U_MHFoXnjE1xGCPkBZU.AG.1j_8XbB7ydvFTZPRUQGlhYp2Ea-CrTUJ8pIpmh_gWM5-XbolN*******************************hG4SORskGY0Epa812yehIsRJz3opV3ZNzF-G90qmtCezpudW4****5OT5ozk4fT6dw-E6ztukVmZPrqA1cYuemzahehwAOzKCLyqe68lPpYu6w.8D0J2jSNvjE1D4RaEOMyUQ.6auyQGprZhPh848Q&fr=hostinvite>
This invite will expire in 30 days. Thank you for choosing Zoom. -The Zoom Team
<https://twitter.com/zoom_us> <https://www.linkedin.com/company/zoom-video-communications/> <https://blog.zoom.us/>

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