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Termination of Integrated Printing System

Keio Information Center will terminate the Integrated Printing System operated since April 2017 in and after the middle of March. New Printing Service will sequentially replace it. See more about New Service.

For information on issuing receipts for payments made using the "Integrated Printing System," please contact the Keio Co-op at each campus by late March.

Printer with the current service is removed on the date in the chart. New printers are available on the same day of the removal.
Printers with New Service will not output the print job sent to the printer with Integrated Printing System.
It’s not available to print out during the replacement work.

*1 On 12th March, a printer with current service is available.
On 13th March, two new printers are available. (One with a receipt machine)

Last-Modified: March 7, 2024

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