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Appropriate Use of VirusTotal and VT4Browsers (in order to prevent unintentional information leakage)

VirusTotal, the affiliated Web site of Google, offers the free service of malware inspection for files and Web sites, which can inspect by using large number of antivirus products. Also, plug-in for browser called VT4Browsers is available and it allows you to easily send downloaded files and URL to VirusTotal.

Like this, VirusTotal is a very useful site for security measures, but on the other hand, if you use it incorrectly, it may become a factor of information leakage.

VirusTotal also offers fee charging service called VirusTotal Intelligence and users of this service can download the provided sample on VirusTotal. In other words, when uploading files including confidential information, the information will be shared to the users of VirusTotal Intelligence.

The VirusTotal Terms of Service clearly state that the samples provided to VirusTotal will be shared immediately and that files that you do not want to be published should not be provided to VirusTotal.

When using VirusTotal and VT4Browser, please understand the above-mentioned nature of VirusTotal and use them appropriately.

Last-Modified: January 21, 2021

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