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Precautions concerning Internet election activities

Election activities using the Internet in order to promote political participation by qualified voters and to complete information concerning candidates during election periods were permitted on April 19, 2013. While on one hand, it is a convenient way to conduct election activities and to obtain election information,

  • It is forbidden for any person except a candidate or a political party to use e-mail to call for voting.
  • Election activities by people under the age of 18 are forbidden by the Public Offices Election Law.

These are only two of many matters prohibited under threat of punishment.

In recent years, Facebook, Twitter and other SNS (Social Network Services), or email, LINE and other communication tools permitting the easy forwarding and dissemination of information, have become familiar. Using these without making simple judgments could result in the unintentional commitment of illegal activities.

In June 2015, the Law Revising Part of the Public Offices Election Law (legislation proposed by house member) reducing the legal voting age was enacted, so that the legal voting age became 18 years or older beginning with the House of Representatives Election announced on June 22, 2016.

We request that not only everyone enrolled in the high school, university, and graduate school, but all concerned faculty members pay careful attention to this matter from the standpoint of educational activities.

We request that both inside and outside of Keio University, you all use the networks appropriately in obedience to the law.

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