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Beware of the rise of new ransomware

As massive cyber-attack using ransomware has been reported in more than 150 countries including European counties last month, New ransomware has been reported in Ukraine and Russian regions since 27 June.

As more than 0.2 million computers have infected with "WannaCry" in last attack, the operation of hospitals, banks and universities have affected.

Enterprises and governments have affected by the attack of "GoldenEye" which is a variety of "Petya". As "GoldenEye" encrypts the data in infected computer, the user is asked to pay bitcoins (approximately 300 USD).

To protect your own computer, please check following items.

  1. Apply Fix for Windows Please apply latest security patch by accessing Windows Update. Note that please apply patches not only to your own computer but also Windows servers in your laboratory, department.
  2. Update the virus pattern file Please update the virus pattern for anti-virus. Please contact anti-virus vendors if you would like to know the anti-virus can detect the new ransomware.
  3. Beware of unfamiliar e-mail Please do not open attacked files in unfamiliar e-mails. Contact system administrators or your nearest ITC office if you receive any unfamiliar e-mails.

Last-Modified: June 29, 2017

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