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File-Sharing Software Application Form

You can download the application form below. See "Using File-Sharing Software" in detail.

The submit place/form is different by your affilication/campus. See the following information.

Mita Campus: Mita ITC
Hiyoshi Campus: Hiyoshi ITC
Shinanomachi Campus: Shinanomachi ITC
Yagami Campus/K2 Campus: Science and Technology ITC
Shiba-Kyoritsu Campus: Shiba-Kyoritsu ITC
Other Campus etc.: ITC Headquarters

  1. Application Form [Word(.doc)] [PDF(.pdf)] (Japanese only)
  2. Application Form for submitting to Science and Technology ITC [Word(.doc)] [PDF(.pdf)] (Japanese only)

Update History

  • 2009/09/28 update the content according to the new policy for file-sharing software.
  • 2009/05/22 update the form for 2009-year version.
  • 2008/07/11 update the form for 2008-year version.
  • 2003/05/25 add the form for 2005-year version.
  • 2003/03/29 published.

Last-Modified: May 2, 2023

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