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Keio University GakuNin System User’s Manual

This is the user’s manual of the Keio University GakuNin System.

How to Use the GakuNin-compliant Service

GakuNin is not the type like keio.jp, where there is a login screen and after logging in, you click on an application link to use it. In order to use the GakuNin application, you must first go to the application site. Then, when you select Keio University authentication on the login screen there, you will be authenticated to the Keio University GakuNin system; then, you will be returned to the application again.

This section explains the procedure for logging in on the Keio University GakuNin System, using the "GakuNin Cooperative Moodle Training Site" provided by the National Institute of Informatics (NII) as a sample.

  1. First, open the "GakuNin Collaborative Moodle Training Site" website.You will then see a "Login" link in the upper right corner. As for the login screen, it is located in different places depending on the site of each service. For details, please refer to the page of the list of services available on the Keio University GakuNin System (since the authentication system used in the GakuNin is named Shibboleth, the login screen may be linked with the keywords "Shibboleth" or "Shibboleth [Japanese]").
  2. Click the "Login" link to enter the organization name selection screen. Only the first time, you need to look for "Keio University" from the list of many organizations, but from the second time onward, you will be able to select it easily.
  3. Select "Keio University" to open the login screen of the Keio University GakuNin System. The left side displays the ID and password entry screen, and the right side displays information on the service you are trying to access (on smartphones and tablets, the ID and password entry screen may be displayed at the top and information on the service you are trying to access may be displayed at the bottom).
    As for IDs and passwords, the following two types of accounts are currently available.
    • ITC Account
      Account for logging in to the PC rooms provided by ITC (except for Shonan Fujisawa Campus)
      Example of username: ua012345
    • Keio ID
      Account for logging in to keio.jp
      Example of username: taro@b2.keio.jp
    Note that even if you bookmark this screen from your browser, you will not be able to use the application the next time you use the bookmark. We recommend bookmarking the website for each service or the page with a list of services.
  4. When entering the correct username and the corresponding password, if this is your first access to the system, the rules of use will be displayed. If you want to use the Keio University GakuNin System, read the rules of use (Japanese article), check "I agree to the rules of use" and click "I agree." This screen will not appear on the second or subsequent accesses (if the rules of use are revised, this screen will appear again on the first access after the revision).
  5. When you agree to the rules of use, a confirmation screen regarding the transmission of information will appear (this screen will not appear for services that do not require this agreement, such as services within Keio). The "GakuNin Collaborative Moodle Training Site" requires an organization name, "ePTID (service username)," and "authorization." Some services require other information, while others do not require information on them.
    The "username" listed here (Japanese article) as the target of the transmission is either ePTID or ePPN, both of which are complex strings that are automatically generated. Read here for details about each attribute information to be transmitted, and read here especially about the username (the difference between ePTID and ePPN). Some services may allow you to select whether or not to transmit items that are not required to be transmitted. In this case, refer to the manual of the service before selecting whether or not to transmit the information, as additional services may be provided if you do.
    If you agree to the transmission, you have three options (if you do not agree, you will not be able to use the service). When you select the top option, you will be asked whether or not you want to transmit the information the next time you use this service. When you select the second option, the next time you use this same service, you will omit the confirmation about whether to transmit the information. When you select the last option, you will not be confirmed about whether to transmit the information in the future for all services. When you have selected the second or third option and want to confirm whether or not to transmit the information again, you can check the "Reset the permission to transmit user information" box under the username and password fields on the login screen the next time you log in; then, the confirmation will be made again.
  6. When you agree, display the transmission contents and confirm your submission.
  7. The login is now complete and the service is available for use. In the case of the "GakuNin Collaborative Moodle Training Site," the message "You are logged in as a Gakunin User" will appear in the upper right corner of the screen to confirm that you have successfully logged in.
    In some cases, the following error message may appear and you may not be able to proceed, even though you have entered the correct username and password on the login screen.
    This is an error caused by the following reasons.
    • In the case that the message "The representative URL for the service does not accept users authenticated by http://gakunin1.keio.ac.jp/idp/shibboleth" is displayed:
      This error appears if the service is compliant with GakuNin, but is not contracted by Keio University or is not allowed to be accessed via the Keio University GakuNin system. In the latter case, there is a possibility that access is contracted with authentication outside GakuNin; therefore, refer to "Find e-journals and e-books" at the Media Center for e-journals and e-books, for example.
    • In the case that the message "You (your login ID) are not allowed to use the representative URL for the service" is displayed:
      This is an error that your user attribute does not allow you to access the corresponding service. For example, faculty and staff members attempt to access a service that is available only to students. Note that access denial due to user attributes may not be indicated with an error message on the login screen as described above, but indicate that access is not possible on a screen returned to the service side.


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