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Preparing a new calendar

Preparing a new calendar

  1. Google Workspace(formerly G Suite) Calendar includes default calendars prepared for each user. The ID for the default calendar is linked to each user's Keio Apps ID, and in Google Workspace(formerly G Suite), is the calendar mainly used.

    With Google Workspace(formerly G Suite) Calendar, you can prepare multiple calendars. You can manage schedules in different calendars divided by use by preparing new calendars.
    If you have prepared a new calendar, when preparing a schedule, you can select a calendar to add the schedule.

    To prepare a new calendar, click "Set Calendar" from the list in the on the upper right of the screen.

    Fig. 1 Preparing a new calendar (1)

  2. Click "Calendar" - "Create a new Calendar"

    Fig. 2 Preparing a new calendar (2)

  3. You can prepare a new calendar by entering "Calendar Name:" and clicking "Prepare Calendar".

    Fig. 3 Preparing a new calendar (3)

  4. A new calendar has been prepared.

    Fig. 4 Preparing a new calendar (4)

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