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Viewing Cloud Recordings of Zoom Meetings (Linked to CanvasLMS)

  1. Open the Zoom screen on the class page.
  2. Click on the [Cloud Recording] tab.
  3. Click on the link to the recording (check the date, etc., of the class) that is to be viewed.
  4. Click on Recording-1 (particularly long recordings may be separated into Recording-2).Select [Audio Only] if only audio is to be listened to.
  5. A separate window will be displayed, and there are cases in which a pass cord will be required depending on the OS and browser being used.
    * There are also cases in which the meeting will be played back without a pass code being required.
  6. If a pass code is required, return to the window displayed for CanvasLMS to display the screen indicating the relevant pass code.
    * If a new tab displaying a window for entering this pass code is opened when clicking on 4., return to the original window.
  7. Click on the eye mark to view the pass code.
    Click on the mark that appears to show two of the four corners overlapping to copy this into the clipboard.
  8. Either enter the pass code manually, or use [Ctrl + V] for Windows or [command + V] for Mac to paste it in place.

Last-Modified: February 22, 2022

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