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About eduroam

Keio University has begun operating eduroam by participating in eduroam JP.

  • When a member of an organization that participates in eduroam visits a campus of Keio University, the visiting member can connect to a wireless network on SSID eduroam.

  • Astudent of Keio University can connect to the wireless networks at other universities and organizations that participate in eduroam by using a device that is connected to eduroam.

What is eduroam?

Eduroam is an international wireless LAN roaming infrastructure that realizes mutual use of campus wireless LAN between universities and other educational and research organizations.
It is now used in 74 countries and regions including Japan.

Reference: eduroam JP

Method of using eduroam

Connection setting method (case when a student of Keio University connects to eduroam at another university or organization)

The setting necessary for connection in a case where you obtain an ITC account and use SSID keiomobile2 is identical to keiomobile2.
Set the connection by rereading SSID's keiomobile2 as eduroam.

Object organizations Organizations that participate in the Academic Access Management Federation
For details see the Eduroam JP page(http://www.eduroam.jp/
SSID eduroam (according to user organization)
Security WPA2 Enterprise (according to user organization)
Encryption AES (according to user organization)
Authentication method EAP-PEAP
Authentication ID keio.jp (Example: keiotaro@keio.jp)
ITC account ID (Example: ua123456@user.keio.ac.jp)
SFC-CNS ID (Example: s15000tk@sfc.keio.ac.jp)
Authentication password PEAP password of keio.jp
PEAP password of ITC account
PEAP password of CFC-CNS
According to user organization
(Is a network outside Keio University)

Connection setting method (case when a member of another university or organization connects to eduroam at Keio University)

Please connect to and use SSID [eduroam].

Object districts Six main campuses, Town Campus(Shin-kawasaki, Tsuruoka, Tonomachi), Osaka City Campus
For details see the eduroam base map.
SSID eduroam
Security WPA2 Enterprise
Encryption AES
Authentication ID You can connect by using the ID/password, certificate etc.
issued by your affiliated organization for use of eduroam.
Networks used for SINET eduroam
(Is handled as if it is outside Keio University)


When connected to eduroam inside a campus of Keio University, it is handled as if it is a network outside the university.

If you wish to use services provided only to networks inside the university, please use keiomobile2.
If you wish to automatically make a priority connection of your PC to keiomobile2, please confirm the following procedure.
Concerning a priority connection to keiomobile2

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