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Adding another Calendar to My Calendar

Adding another Calendar to My Calendar

  1. In the event of other users setting their calendars to [Share] ([Sharing with entire organization] or by registering your account in [Share with Specific User]), it is possible to display the shared calendars on your [Other Calendars] option.

    To add another calendar, enter another user's mail address or, another user's keio Apps ID to "Other Calendar" - "Subscribe to calendar".

    To add the Calendar of a user of keio.jp, enter that users’ Keio Apps ID .

    Fig. 1 Adding another calendar (1)

    The calendar of another user has been added to "Other Calendar".

    Fig. 2 Adding another calendar (2)

  2. If user don't register your account to the calendar of "Share with specific people", the following popup is displayed.
    You can send a request to share a calendar to the other person by clicking on "Request access".

    Fig. 3 Adding another calendar (3)

    You can display a calendar by obtaining permission to share the calendar from the other person.
    ・Please refer to "Share with specified user" for the method of adding sharing of a Calendar.

  3. You can register multiple calendars at one time by entering text consisting of mail addresses divided by commas (,) as shown below into "Fellow Member's Calendar"

    Fig. 4 Adding another calendar (4)

    Multiple calendars have been registered at one time.

    Fig. 5 Adding another calendar (5)

Return to Google Calendar Users Manual for explanations about other features.

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